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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Purpose | 0 comments



Without a direction we can end up wandering around in circles. Learn how to recognise your own vision to give your life more meaning

Allow me to paint you a picture; it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, a gentle breeze wafts the leaves of the trees and so you decide to go out. Jumping in the car you set out, searching for the perfect place in which to spend the next few hours. The problem is, you don’t really have any idea about where you’re heading, and so you end up driving around in circles, seeking the something that you can’t quite define. Finally you return home, frustrated at having spent this lovely day within your car.

Our lives can be just like this fictional scenario. We know that we want to achieve something, to get somewhere, but because we haven’t defined what it is our lives lack direction. This can lead to an endless feeling of frustration, and even to the sensation of being trapped in a life that isn’t quite what we’d hoped for.

I’m not talking about creating an AA roadmap for our lives that defines every tiny step on the journey. You don’t need to plan every meal that you’re going to eat on every day for the next ten years! What you do need is a vision for your life, a vision regarding what your ideal future could look like. If, in our previous example, we’d decided that we fancied spending the day at the beach, in the forest, at a picnic site, then we could have taken the steps to get there. Because we had no vision for our day we ended up nowhere.

Why don’t you take a bit of time right now to think about the vision for your own life? Do you have a direction to achieve the future that you desire?

If not then you should check out my eBook where we’ll take a look at how to define a vision, and how to take the first essential steps toward aligning yourself to that future it speaks of.

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