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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Wellbeing | 0 comments



Exercise is essential to your physical wellbeing; it’s time to overcome the mental block that keeps you from improving your fitness.

If you’re anything like me the thought of a long workout in the gym produces feelings that are exactly the opposite of happiness! It’s a strange sensation; deep down I know that when I get there and start exercising I will feel stimulated, more mentally aware and have a sensation of being able to overcome any obstacle. I will know that I am taking positive steps to improve my health, expand my lifespan and simply become more physically fit to keep up with the pace of modern life.

And yet still, when I’m sat at home on a comfortable sofa, it all seems like too much effort!

Exercise might not be something you associate with happiness, particularly if your only memories of such physical activity are linked to those uncomfortably sporting experiences of your school days, but it is honestly true that by incorporating it regularly into your routine you will see results. Regular exercise can improve your self confidence, maintain and improve your current level of health and even relax you.

There are just three simple steps that you can take today to start you on your exercise journey.

Step 1 – Consider what you enjoy

Exercise doesn’t have to mean a sweaty workout at the gym. It could mean going to an exercise class such as Yoga or Salsa Dance, it could mean walking the dog. Basically it’s all about finding something that you enjoy! You might need to try a few things out to find what works for you, but why not make a shortlist of potential engaging activities now.

Step 2 – Start small

There’s no point in attempting a marathon tomorrow if you struggle to walk up a gentle incline today. Set the marathon as your end goal, by all means! But also set some more achievable goals to reach in the meantime, such as walking up that hill without running out of breath, or being able to jog for five minutes. By starting small you’ll be able to maintain your motivation all the way to the marathon run!

Step 3 – Make the time you need

We’re all busy people, there’s no denying that. Even in our ‘off-time’ we’re surrounded by our emails and other technology that threatens to suck us back into business. To prioritise exercise you will need to book a regular slot into your routine for it, so open your calendar right now and assign some time to make this change.

Still not sure exactly how exercise can increase your happiness? We’ll unpack the issue even more in my eBook.

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