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Keep It Simple Stupid, or KISS, may be a principle often applied to the business world, but incorporating this strategy into your own everyday life could revolutionise your day to day living.

We live in a world complete with an ever-increasing amount of clutter. Prompted by advertisements in every direction, we are ever tempted by the latest and greatest gadgets to make our lives easier, better or simply more entertaining. There’s nothing at all wrong with owning possessions, don’t get me wrong, but in our new technical civilisation it can be very difficult to ever switch off or find ourselves removed from the busyness that constantly circles our lives.

I want to suggest that by keeping things simple we can often remove stress from our lives, increase our productivity and improve our happiness. By keeping the clutter to a minimum, developing a single-task mentality and therefore removing some of the obstacles that can trip us up, we can really benefit from a simple and successful lifestyle.

How to KISS

No, I don’t mean finding a corner in which to smooch a loved one; I’m talking about keeping it simple, stupid! Here are a couple of pointers to help you achieve some simplicity in your own life:

- Clear out the clutter. Look around you right now; how many ‘things’ are in your home that you don’t really need, use or even pay attention to anymore? Most of us tend to be hoarders by nature, hanging onto useless bits and pieces because they could come in handy one day. Why not have a clear out? Shifting some of these distractions will give you a sense of satisfaction, and could instantly increase the simplicity in your life.

- Become a single-tasker. We have so much to do and we often try to do it all at once. This can lead to a string of half or poorly completed tasks, and a complete lack of fulfilment as we struggle to feel good about our apparently failing efforts. By concentrating on one task at a time, you can ensure that your output is of the highest quality, while reducing the complexity of your life.

Those are just a couple of strategies for making things simpler; there are more suggestions and practical pointers to discover in my eBook.

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