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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Time | 0 comments



When was the last time you really relaxed? It’s so important to allow time to unwind, but in our busy lives relaxation is often the first thing to fly out the window.

If you were to write a To Do list for your day what would it include? Perhaps going to work or vacuuming the lounge, maybe cleaning the car or balancing the bank account. It’s a rare occurrence when we actually prioritise some relaxation time into our daily routines, effectively adding it to that list of all-important jobs. And yet without relaxation we open our lives to the risk of stress, anxiety, even depression.

The real question that I want you to consider right now is what relaxation means to you. We’re all different, meaning we all find the ability to unwind in different things. For some it may be sitting outside in the midst of nature, listening to the sweet call of the birds. For others it could be closing their eyes and losing themselves in the rhythm of their favourite piece of music. From the laugh of a child to the pages of a well-written book; there are all sorts of ways that we can take a step back from the stresses and the strains of our everyday activities.

Working out what relaxes you gives you an advantage in your life. You see, it’s not all about taking a scheduled time out for some R&R; sometimes a situation will crop up that instantly increases our tension. By knowing that you can find immediate release through a simple activity you can learn to control that tension, dare I say it, removing it from your life altogether.

So how do you discover what works for you? Well first things first, rack your memories for any moments in which you can remember feeling completely at ease; you might have been with a particular person, or indulging in a particular activity. That’s a great starting point. From there it can really be a case of trial and error. Keep your eyes and your ears open and soon you’ll notice that certain facets of life increase your stress, while others reduce it.

Take a look at my eBook for some more practical tips about finding the things that relax you, and how to increase the overall level of relaxation within your own life.

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