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Living free from the threat of violence is an essential element for our happiness.

Violence can come in many different shapes and sizes. From bullying in an academic or work situation to domestic violence to an attack in the streets; we live in a dangerous world. Being a victim of any form of violence, or even being aware of it in the life of a loved one, can do serious damage to your confidence, not to mention the devastating effect it can have on the rest of your life.

Victims of violence have a tendency to lash out at their loved ones. The constant tension created by the fear of the attack makes it difficult to lead a normal life, as that tension must be released in one way or another. Ever heard that most bullies were bullied themselves at one point? This is the perfect example of using violence as a means to release the tension caused by violence in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that can be incredibly difficult to break.

Seeking help from a professional is a very sensible solution if you yourself have suffered from violence in any way, particularly if the situation is still ongoing. If violence is simply something that you are worried about however, there are a few steps that you can take to keep yourself safe in a range of different situations.

- Be confident. When out and about in the world you make a more obvious target if you’re sat in the corner shaking like a leaf than if you exude confidence. Stand up straight as you walk, keep your head high and try to avoid flinching if anyone approaches you. These few signs of confidence could easily put off a would-be attacker looking for an easy victim.

- Trust your instincts. They won’t let you down! If you are nervous about a situation in which you find yourself then you should take steps to protect yourself. Those steps could include anything from taking a taxi home rather than walking, to getting out of the building if you sense tension growing to a dangerous level.

- Learn some self-defence. A multitude of different venues offer self defence classes, and these can really help to increase your confidence. Of course the hope is that you never need to use such skills, but just knowing them can provide you with that extra bit of knowledge that you have the ability to stay safe, no matter what the situation.

For additional tips about safety and staying safe from violence, not to mention advice for regaining your confidence should you have been through such a terrible situation before, have a look at my eBook.

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