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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Security | 0 comments



Freedom is a word tossed around without much understanding. What does it really mean to be free to choose without fear?

The existence of charitable organisations such as Freedom House and Amnesty International clearly shows that the basic right to freedom is not always a given. Can you imagine being terrified to express an opinion due to the oppression your words could cause to yourself and your family? If you have always lived in a country that grants liberties such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice then such a situation could seem completely alien to you. But those situations are very real, and happen in the world this very day.

Having the ability to choose what we believe and what we want to do with our lives is an incredibly valuable right, but it’s one that we often take for granted. By appreciating the freedom to choose, you could find far more fulfilment in those little choices that would otherwise seem mundane.

Always remember the sacrifice of those that went before you. It’s taken a lot of effort for equality to be achieved in even some parts of the world. People died so that you could be free today. I don’t mean that you should kneel down on the floor to utter a loud prayer of thanks in the supermarket when deciding between brands of pasta, but just being aware that you wouldn’t be free to have the job that you want, worship in the way that you do or even necessarily be educated today were it not for those past freedom fighters can grant a renewed sense of vigour to those big decisions that you need to make.

You should also ensure that you don’t take those freedom rights that were so valiantly fought for you for granted. The right to vote is one such issue; at one time there was no democracy, it took a lot of freedom fighters, suffragettes and others to open the door to the public vote for everyone. You would be quick enough to complain if that right were taken away from you, and yet so many of us don’t even bother to make it to our local polling station for an election.

We don’t appreciate the freedoms that we are used to, but were they taken away we would soon start to recognise just how lucky we were. If you want to learn more about appreciating the many freedoms that we do have then take a look at my eBook.

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