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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Relationships | 0 comments



Friendship is something that we constantly promote to our children, but does it still play an important part in adult life?

American poet Walt Whitman once coined the phrase, “I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I do not believe I deserved my friends.” How true his statement; friends play an incredibly important role in our lives, supporting us through the bad and sharing the good, laughing and crying with us, and simply being there to spend time with.

It’s easy to become isolated in our high-tech society. The ease of communication through tools such as Facebook has made it incredibly easy to catch up with old chums and to stay in touch with our existing mates, but it has also had a negative result. Where once we would have picked up the phone for a conversation, now we just send a message. Where once we would have popped round to visit, now we think a quick online chat is enough. Our lists of Facebook ‘friends’ increase, but our interaction with those that we would really like to share our lives with decreases.

Friendship is fundamental to our happiness, and if you don’t have a group of friends that you at least see occasionally then you are missing out on this element of your happiness foundation.

But all is not lost! It’s never too late to rekindle a friendship or even to start from scratch and build up some new relationships in your life. All you need to do is take the first step.

- Relight the fire of your old friendships. The great thing about friends is that, in general, you can always pick up where you left off. Do you have a group of friends that you simply haven’t been in contact with for weeks, months or even years? Why not track them down, give them a phone call, send them a letter or just arrange to meet up. You’ll have a great time catching up on old times, and can use the contact as an opportunity to arrange a regular get-together.

- Build up some new friendships. No matter what your age or where you’re at in life, the prospect of introducing yourself to strangers with the aim of building new friendships can be terrifying. To make the process easier why not try taking a class or joining a club related to a specific interest of yours; what better opportunity to start the ball rolling with a group of people with whom you already share a common interest?

Friends are not only important for children at school; they are a crucial part of every stage of your life. For more information about why friendships can enhance your happiness check out my eBook.

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