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There’s nothing like the feeling of contributing to a community of like-minded individuals.

Within our world there are many groups of people that share a common interest. That interest could be linked to a particular location, a church group, a belief, a cause, a hobby, or anything else that binds people together. With so many people in the world, it is unsurprising that there would be a multitude of others that agree with your principles and share your interests.

Joining a community can offer you a multitude of benefits, from building incredible friendships with like minded people, to learning more about an area of interest for you. But more than that, communities also provide you with the opportunity to feel good by pouring something of yourself back into the group. Whether that be your time, your expertise on the topic or your effort in helping with a shared cause, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you can receive through knowing that your community is successful.

Although you may already share in a sense of a neighbourhood community based on the location in which you live, there are many other options for shared interest groups that could increase your fulfilment and enjoyment of life. The incredible scale of subjects on the World Wide Web today makes it even easier to find like-minded individuals; particularly as many community groups boast online discussion forums.

Finding the right community for you

When searching for a community to join, the internet is a great starting point. Let’s say you have an interest in restoring classic cars; a simple search for ‘Classic Car Group’ followed by your location could quickly turn up some results. Or maybe you have a desire to join a volunteer community working with the down and out in your local area, just look for ‘Homeless Charity’, again with your local area.

This opportunity to meet up with a collection of people with a shared interest is priceless, so once you’ve found a couple of possibilities why not send an email or two and ask to attend the next event? You’ll soon know if you’ve found the community for you.

Community is an often overlooked facet of happiness, so why not pick up a copy of my eBook for more information.

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