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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Relationships | 0 comments



A world without the ability to communicate would be a lonely world indeed. Imagine living the rest of your days in solitary confinement; never realising the thrill of reaching out to share a thought, a happy moment, even words of affection with another person. We find it difficult to imagine such a life, and yet through chance or choice this is the life that some of us lead, at least in part.

This can be due to our lack of understanding of the elements that actually constitute the whole of the term, ‘communication’. It’s all too easy to assume that we communicate only via the words that come out of our mouth, when this is only one of the ways that we can use to express our thoughts and feelings.

Unlocking the Real Power of Communication

Let’s have a think about some of the different communication tools at our disposal:

1. Speech. Alright, I might have just spent a while explaining that communicating isn’t all about the words we say, but speech is obviously still a large part of the deal. Most of us are a bit too good at utilising this one! When it comes to talking, it’s always important to remember that we have two ears, and only one mouth. Taking the time to listen not only allows you to respond appropriately to the situation, but also gives you the chance to formulate your thoughts to avoid any rash responses.

2. The written word. Most of the envelopes that flop through our mailbox contain no communication more than the latest bill from the bank. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover something more personal from a loved one therefore. And it’s not all about scribing letters; what about leaving little notes to express your affection? Such a simple gesture can mean more than many a word could say.

If you want to unlock the power of communication in your own life then check out my eBook, introducing still more facets of this important aspect of all of our lives.

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