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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Purpose | 0 comments



What are you living for? Why a renewed sense of purpose could improve your self-worth and fulfilment today.

Does your life have a direction? It sounds like a vague question upon first glance but I’d like you to take a moment to really consider it. Think of yourself as an arrow notched to a bow; released in the right direction with the right force you could fly far and fast toward the centre of a target. Pointed in any old direction though, that loosed arrow could simply fly aimlessly until eventually falling, wasted to the ground. An arrow fired without purpose could even end up causing injury, should it find a wrong target in which to find its end.

We need purpose in our lives. We need a target at which we can be pointed, a target that we can strive to achieve. Your purpose will be completely unique based on your own situation and set of circumstances. It could be to master a skill, to rise to the top of a profession, to raise a strong family; anything toward which you can focus your efforts.

A life without purpose will end just like that un-aimed arrow. You may get to the end of your days feeling that you’ve simply flopped to the floor, having wasted those precious few years. Alternatively you could even take out your lack of purpose on someone close to you, seeking to find the fulfilment that a purpose would grant through the life of someone else. Take those parents who attempt to live out their own dreams through the sacrifice of their children as an example.

It’s never too late to find purpose in your life. You can start today by thinking of the inner ring of that archery target, that goal that you would love to achieve before your time is up. Take that goal and hold it clearly in your mind. Then start taking steps toward it; align yourself with the target and prepare to fly!

If you need a bit of help defining your purpose or aiming yourself toward that end goal then my eBook could help you. By delving more deeply into what a purpose is and how it could help you to live a fulfilled life, complete with a new sense of self-worth, you could soon be living your own life with that all important direction.

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