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By building on the success of someone that’s gone before you, you could learn to reach new heights. Finding a mentor for all of life’s situations.

I want you to picture a child. This child is desperately trying to reach to pick a low-hanging apple off a tree, but despite their frantic jumping they simply cannot reach their goal. Turning to tug on their smiling father’s sleeve, they soon scramble onto those tall shoulders, now able to reach the object of their desire. The child used the height of the father to boost it to a new level of success. By finding a mentor for your own life you can achieve the same result.

Finding a mentor willing to invest into your life gives you that extra height from which to propel yourself still higher. A great mentor will be willing to share their successes and failures, offer valuable advice for your own life and generally offer that all important push toward achieving your own goals and aspirations.

So how do you find someone to invest into your life? Consider these characteristics of a mentor:

- Someone you can trust. You’re going to need to be honest with this person about where you are and where you want to be, so trust is an important part of the mentor-mentee relationship.

- Someone further on than you. It may be that you wish to incorporate several mentors in your life, for example a business mentor and a parenting mentor. The important thing is to find someone that has more experience in that area than you yourself.

- Someone who has the time to invest into you. Choosing a mentor that simply doesn’t have the time for you can be frustrating. They might be the best at what they do, but if they aren’t willing to pass on that knowledge you should look elsewhere.

A mentor could be just the thing your life needs to push you that little bit further, to reach that apple. For more information about finding and working with a mentor to achieve your goals have a look at my eBook.

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