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Do your academic qualifications give you a sense of superiority? Or do you feel that your own lack of academic prowess holds you back from achieving? Why your education needn’t detract from your happiness.

In today’s society a great education doesn’t necessarily mean job security or great wealth as it once used to. With graduate unemployment reaching new highs with every passing year, it seems that degrees are becoming worth about as much as the paper on which they are printed. Now please don’t misunderstand me. I am not badmouthing education, nor saying that it doesn’t have a place in our society. All that I wish to declare is that, educated or not, the playing field is even for all these days.

Be proud of your academic achievements by all means, but don’t be a person that exudes a sense of superiority over their fellow man because of such qualifications. Likewise don’t feel a need to feel inferior if you always struggled to achieve good grades through school; many of today’s entrepreneurs did not succeed academically.

So who does need an education? A good question, and one that is individual to any individual’s unique circumstances. If you are currently considering what sort of education you might need for your future vision, why not ask yourself these questions…

1. What level of education do I need? If your dream is to be a doctor or lawyer then there is no denying it, university is your path. If you desire to learn a skillful trade, then why not consider an apprenticeship instead?
2. Are you learning for the sake of learning? Is the reason you are considering college or university just because you don’t know what else to do? Education is a means to an end; you’ll only be wasting money if you invest into a qualification for the sake of having it.
3. Have you explored all of your options? Gaining a graduate education can be an expensive task. Before burdening yourself with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt have you thoroughly explored all of the options? A business placement could have you earning on the job, learning as you go.

Education has a vital place in our world. You’ll struggle to go far without basic skills in literacy and numeracy after all. But be aware that your qualifications are always a means to an end, not something to boast in. For more information about how your education could affect your happiness take a look at my eBook.

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