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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

With the constant demands from a busy world it can be difficult to stop even for a single moment. We’re programmed to respond instantly to our mobile phones, to messages, to social media like Twitter and Facebook, to an endless stream of junk emails, and we’re constantly driven by marketing messages to buy now, to upgrade everything all of the time, to subscribe to 100′s of TV channels and so much more. When do we ever get a moment to stop, to turn off this constant input, to have time to think.

The pressures of the modern world are quite unreal and not ones we human were ever designed for. The pace of change has been far too dramatic and with money and profit still driving change today this is set to continue.

My aim is to help you step off the roller coaster of life, if only for a moment, to catch your breath and to give you a chance to find a little happiness in your life each and every day. I’ve identified 36 elements which will drive your happiness and have written about each one. Take a moment to see which resonates with you and read slowly and give yourself permission to have a moment to yourself to reflect on you, on your life, on the people in your life, and on making that bold step towards a happier life today, tomorrow and beyond.

Towards a happier You.

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