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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Essentials | 0 comments



We all need somewhere to rest our heads at night, but what really makes a happy home?

We’ve all seen pictures of shanty towns in the developing countries of the world and possibly breathed a sigh of relief if we have a roof over our own heads, but homelessness is a problem that’s landing on our doorsteps increasingly as time goes by. Economic recession, cutbacks and rising inflation mean there’s often more money going out than there is coming in, and this can lead to that devastating situation of repossession of homes, or of simply not being able to afford the rent.

There is only so much sofa hopping, or even living on the streets in extreme situations, that you can take before a certain level of depression creeps into your mindset. Housing is a basic human requirement, and if you in the fortunate position of having somewhere to call home then it is not something to be taken for granted.

“Home is where the heart is”, or so the saying goes. Unfortunately though, through one circumstance or another, many of the houses, flats or other places of residences in which we do dwell simply don’t inspire much in the way of a heart connection. They are just places in which we can flop on the sofa after a long day at the office, places that end up taking time out of our already busy schedules for cleaning, and even places that can end up costing us a lot of money on those dreaded days when a house-related bill flops through the letterbox.

Trust me; you aren’t alone if the place you call home can sometimes feel more like a minefield than a pleasant place of sanctuary!

Fortunately there are some straightforward ways that you can go about increasing your own happiness with your home. With a few simple steps you can turn a place that’s just somewhere to live into a personal paradise and haven! Somewhere that you are happy to call home. Consider the following ways to turn your house into a home:

  1. Make it your own by adding a splash of your personality into its decor.
  2. Make it a place of peace by fairly sharing your space with family or flatmates.
  3. Make it something you manage realistically to avoid the heartache of those unforeseen bills that can cause havoc with your budget.

More detail about these steps, along with other suggestions, can be found in my eBook – order your copy today.

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