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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Essentials | 0 comments



Learning to live without the fear of a cold winter.

Those beautifully sunny and frosty mornings can be stunning! There’s nothing quite like walking across the icy grass and hearing it crunch beneath your feet, or watching the local kids of the neighbourhood engaging in an enormous snowball fight.

Unfortunately a snowy, icy and downright cold winter can actually be a time of great stress for some. It seems the price of electricity and gas is ever on the rise, and yet for most of us our incomes haven’t risen fast enough to counter it. With a properly insulated house and a salary to afford the cost of your heating bill this winter you might not have much to worry about, but spare a thought for those surviving on a state pension or anyone that has suddenly lost their job and the security that goes with it.

There are a great many ways to avoid feeling the cold in your bones with each passing winter though. In fact you could find yourself in a snugger situation than ever previously experienced, simply by educating yourself and learning how to make the most of your heat.

If a lack of heat for the winter is of genuine concern for you then your first step is simply not to panic. It might look like an impossible situation, but these few tips could not only help you to stay warm, but even to save money in the process!

- Don’t be too loyal to your utilities supplier. Shop around! There are numerous comparison websites that can help you find the best deal for your electricity and gas bills. You might even be able to fix your rates to keep your bills stable for the next couple of years.

- Wrap up warm. It sounds obvious but before turning on the heating make sure you are wrapped up warm. Using thicker jumpers and nice woolly socks earlier in the year could help you to save money for when the heating is really needed.

- Get insulated. Cavity wall and loft insulation have come down in price dramatically, and with grants to help afford the process you could soon be saving cash on your heating bills for a minimum initial outlay.

Don’t let a lack of heat be a factor in determining your happiness, especially not when there are actions that you can take to change your situation. Why not get a copy of my eBook now to learn more about staying warm through even the coldest winters.

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