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Staying healthy in body and mind could be the key to your continued happiness; exploring the options to keep you healthy, happy and mobile.

Health is one of those things that we often don’t appreciate until it’s gone. That day when we suddenly realise we aren’t as young as we once were and the joints have started aching. That day when we’re battling with the latest bout of flu that’s keeping us bedridden. That day when an accident or unforeseen circumstance knocks us for six as a doctor pronounces a life-altering condition.

Both physical and mental health is incredibly important to our happiness. Just ask anyone dealing with a long term illness and, no matter how upbeat, they are sure to tell you that some days it all becomes too much to deal with.

Scientific breakthroughs in a range of different medical fields are constantly seeking to improve our standard of living however, even for those of us who are suffering from a setback to our wellbeing. With these developments in mind, I would suggest that the following three standards are essential for our health-happiness:

1. A life without pain. Pain is a very individual phenomenon for everyone; we all experience it differently and this can make it very tricky to measure or treat. But don’t suffer in silence! If you are suffering from pain, no matter how severe, you should take a trip to see a health professional. You never know, there may be a cure for what’s causing your discomfort, or an alternative treatment that could help to alleviate your suffering.

2. A life without depression. Mental health is often overlooked in our fast paced society. There is a misconception that suffering from depression is a weakness and should be concealed from the rest of the population. This is simply not true, and I’m glad to say that increased acceptance of such conditions is helping sufferers today. Just as with physical pain, if you are suffering from the mental agony that stems from depression then now is the time to seek help.

3. A life with mobility. There’s a lot to see in this world of ours, and a restriction to your mobility can certainly dampen your spirits. Unfortunately when it comes to mobility, the less you move, the less you will be able to move, so start to build up your strength today. Stretch your legs, get outside (even if it’s only into the garden or a local park) and enjoy all the world has to offer!

One of the crucial pit-stops on your journey to happiness is your health. My eBook explores this concept in more detail so why not pick up your copy today.

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