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Ever heard that you can have too much of a good thing? Learning to love and respect your food.

We take food for granted. There’s no denying it.

Perhaps you’ve noticed people begging for food on the streets of your own town or city. Or maybe you’ve seen adverts for the local soup kitchen or Salvation Army centre offering a free cooked meal. You might even have been in a situation where you simply don’t have enough to eat yourself, of perhaps that’s something you’re going through at the moment.

The rising cost of a supermarket shop combined with pay-cuts and other increasing expenses has led to more and more stories coming to light. Stories about a working mother who goes to bed hungry every night to ensure her children eat properly. Stories about families going without food for days as they wait for benefits to kick in after being made redundant.

Without food our level of happiness certainly suffers.

But we can take things to the opposite extreme as well. A lack of food is certainly a problem, but having too much can be just as damaging to our health and happiness. The ever expanding waistlines of the Western World clearly show that we have not developed a successful relationship with those tasty morsels that dangle tantalisingly before us on a daily basis.

The battle to control food in your own life, be it to have more or less of it, is not an impossible fight! In fact there are a few tips and tricks that you can implement straight away to instantly improve things:

- Do your research. If you don’t have enough food to eat there are plenty of places that can help you out. Learn more about the benefits due to you and your family, along with local charities such as Food Bank organisations that could tide you over.

- Understand your food. A bit of knowledge goes a long way, so learn about what you should be eating each day in comparison with what you are actually shovelling into your stomach.

- Maintain moderation. Just because the giant chocolate cake has landed in front of your place at the table does not mean you need to eat the whole thing! Just a taste could be all that you need for a satisfying completion to a delectable meal.

A great starting place if you want to learn more about finding happiness in food is my eBook. Through it we’ll look at more tips and tricks to manage food successfully in your own life, not to mention a variety of other topics that could be keeping you from a happy and fulfilled life.

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