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Phillip Reynolds began his IT career in 1976 and, thirty-six years later, he remains at the forefront of delivering award-winning software as the co-founder and Joint CEO of UK based software house, Oak Telecom.

But Reynolds is driven to pursue passions that go beyond the fast-paced software business. Although he derives great pleasure from working in animal rescue, providing outstanding mentoring and marketing advice to small business owners and creating dynamic software, Reynolds was particularly drawn to assisting others in their pursuits of happiness. Recent health issues furthered this motivation, and eventually led him to develop the innovative How to Be Happy for Life book and website, designed to help people find happiness in all aspects of their lives, including well-being, relationships, health and employment.

Reynolds is admirable proof that with creativity, passion, and a desire to help others, anything can be achieved. His life experiences have taught him that even the most insurmountable of challenges, that were seemingly beyond his capabilities, can be conquered if one works hard enough. By dusting himself off after perceived failures and committing himself to his family and his passions, Reynolds discovered that simplicity, living in the moment, and the pursuit of helping others are the real goals in life, and money is not the true measure of success.

Reynolds lives in Dorset, England with his wife and five dogs. He also finds time to dedicate to his zest for family, photography, animals, fitness and classic cars.